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Dec 27, 2020

A choice for today’s gospel is when we meet Simeon and Anna, two elderly people in the temple when Mary and Joseph bring Jesus for the Jewish purification rituals associated with the birth of their son. It says of Simeon that he was “righteous and devout, awaiting the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.”
Anna, was a prophetess of the tribe of Asher…..”She never left the temple, but worshiped night and day with fasting and prayer. “
These two are examples of habitual faithfulness. That habit of faithfulness helped prepare them to see the very presence of God in their midst! They recognized him even though others did not. In this presentation of Jesus, there is confirmation that God is still working, still moving among the people of Israel.
Simeon and Anna recognize Jesus….because of their faithfulness and prayer.

How do our habits of faithfulness prepare us to see the very presence of God in our midst? If we are faithful to prayer….to the commandments….to love and compassion….then we will be able to “see God” in our midst as well. We will be able to recognize God in ways that perhaps others cannot. Have you ever experienced a time when something happens and you say….Oh or “Aha” God is here? It may not be a big miracle but a little thing that happens and you KNOW God is near….or you know it is not just a coincidence. Savor those moments. Remember them when times are tough. God will see you through it all.

Let us pray. Loving God, help us to remain faithful to you. Give us the vision to see you in everyday events. Help us to recognize the “AHA” moments in our lives and to cherish them. Amen.
Have a great day….and look for those AHA moments.