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Feb 28, 2021

Today on the second Sunday of lent we reflect up on one of the most beautiful moment of Jesus life, the transfiguration. This takes place only few weeks before his journey to Jerusalem and Calvary. And it takes place in a high mountain along with his beloved disciples Peter, James and John.
In the Bible Mountains have significant roles. Both Moses and Elijah who appears in today’s gospel had their most intimate experience of God on a mountain top. It was on mount Sinai Yahweh gave Ten Commandments. It was on mount horeb that Elijah found God. And it was on a mount Jesus gave his great sermon, the beatitude. And it was on mount Calvary Jesus offered himself in death for the salvation of humankind. Therefore mountains are the places where the presence of God is felt. It is a place where one can find the serenity and calmness of nature. And it is a place people felt the nearness of God. Jesus goes to the mountain to experience the presence of his father more personally because he was going to take a serious decision in his life. He wanted to make sure that he was doing what God wished him to do. Jesus went up to listen the voice of God. He would take no step without consulting his father. Of everything Jesus asked one question “is it God’s will for me”.
Calvaries are part of our life, very often we climb different calveries. Calvary of suffering, pain, persecution, misunderstanding, rejection. How do we take a decision in these moments of life. Where do we gather strength to climb such mountains. Will we be like Jesus go to the presence of God and seek hi will in complete surrender and prayer?
The gospel continue to tell us that “ while he was praying the appearance of his face changed and his cloths became dazzling white. Prayer transforms and transfigures. When Jesus was in prayer he was transfigured. Prayer that does not lead us to a transformation or a change is not a prayer. Prayer may not necessarily change things for us but it does changes us for things. It helps us to accept the situations of life. It makes us humble before god and simple before people. It let loose our pride, ambitions, jealousy and fills our hearts with love of God and love for one another.
Lord make us all one in you through a transforming experience during this holy season of lent. Amen