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Mar 31, 2022

Let this Gospel Passage challenge and inspire us…. to remain ever uncompromising in our Christian Life. To stand for God and His Kingdom. To live to share His Love and Mercy. Amen

Mar 30, 2022

Loving God, we do believe in Jesus. We do believe He is the Resurrection and the Life. Help us to live this out in our everyday lives. If we believe in him, we will do as he did—helping others in our world. Remind us of this each day. We ask this through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mar 28, 2022

Lord may I recognize your hand in my life constantly and follow you along the Way. Amen.

Mar 27, 2022

‘My son, you are here with me always;
everything I have is yours.
But now we must celebrate and rejoice,
because your brother was dead and has come to life again;
he was lost and has been found.’”